Wedding Number 3 And the End Of A Busy Week

Yes I know. Not another wedding post. But yes of course. Wedding number three in August is up next. We are going to Germany tomorrow to join one of my old school friends for his wedding. This time we are going by car, not plane.
My week so far has been very successful again. I only had two full days but these two days brought good progress and important decisions have been made.
I will provide more detail on these decisions once I am allowed to so bear with me for a few more weeks.
I have written another blog post yesterday on the SustainabilityBlog,org. This post is on the topic of renewable energy and the way companies are on the look out for the solution that suits them best. Take a look if you like. eWaste Article

In this wedding spirit let us enjoy the nice picture on the right had side. Wouldn’t you like to have a bite (if it is marzipan of course)? I just loved the picture that is why included it here.
I will be back on Sunday for a full week of week and no more weddings in the next weeks I hope.

All the best,


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