This week saw an interesting Twitter campaign gain a lot of traction. The waste minimisation campaign called Hugh’s War on Waste by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall aired another episode this past week in UK TV. Previous episodes where already very successful in adressing important topics on the waste we create and how management of this waste is failing to make any meaningful impact.

This is the link to the BBC programme: Hugh’s War on Waste

This week was all about the enormous amounts of waste disposable coffee cups are causing. Hugh chose the 3 largest companies in the UK selling coffee to talk about about how they recycle these millions of cups each year. Starbucks, Cafe Nero and Costa Coffee.

The results where fascinating:

  • none of the cups any of these three companies where able to be put into recycling. Not a single cup….
  • visualisation on the cups was misleading as it is as suggested that the cups are recyclable but actually are not.

The reaction of the three companies has been mixed in my view. Here are some tweets from them or about them to give me oh more context.

Starbucks reaction was mixed on social media and I did not really find a tweet by them on this topic. Cafe Nero was even worse. No real social media reaction from them from what I was able to make out.

My key learning

The key  learning for me this week was that the communication and engagement platform next to the TV is Twitter at the moment. Hugh has been promoting the hashtag  #wastenot. In my view this communication channel has been the most effective stakeholder engagement tool for this TV program.

Great to see a celebrity engage himself so much. It shows that social media can also be used as a great stakeholder communication tool that makes a positive change. Yes there is a lot of other things going on here but for me the most encouraging result is such a turbulent time.

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