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I have been looking for a good way to measure the usefulness of my tweets, blog posts and resources on my sites for quite a while and I think I may have found the best solution yet after testing Visibli for a few days this week.

Visibli is an interesting service that quote ” helps companies and content creators expand their digital audience, and promote their products through shared links.”

The most useful elements in my view are:

  1. The fully customizable so called “Engagement Bar“.
  2. The easy integration into WordPress blogs and your Tweetdeck desktop application.
  3. The detailed analytics. Not to simple and not complicated.
  4. The possibility to sign in using Twitter, Facebook and with a normal registration.

Here are some more details on the main elements of Visibli in the press kit:

All in all this look to be the best free of charge social media analytics tool on the market at the moment. I would encourage you to test it as well if you use Twitter and/or Facebook in a business context and like to know what is being clicked on, by whom and which stories are most popular.

Disclaimer: Visibli is not a customer of mine. I just found the service really useful. 🙂

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  1. Following your advise. I have just created my Visibility bar, and linked my blog and Tweetdeck!. 


  2. Love it! Thanks for telling us about it Fabian.


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