Video: A reminder that climate change is happening!

I am a Sustainability geek. I think pretty much everyone that follows my tweets, reads this blog or ever met me in person will agree with me.

A large part of this passion about Sustainability is routing from the urgency I feel to convince as many people as possible that climate change is happening and that we need to tackle climate change together to create the future for our children we want them to have.

Today’s video post is a reminder that we all need to do our best to convince everyone that Climate Change is happening. And who would be better suited to deliver this message….Al Gore of course.

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  1. Climate change based on what? Show me the real, empirical evidence that man is causing it. So far, there hasn't been any. Just a lot of hokey computer models (that've so far been unable to predict anything) and hockey stick graphs from massaged data.

    I have a better idea. Let's focus our environmental energy on REAL issues like pollution (NOT CO2), consumerism, etc.

    1. Thanks for the comment Aaron but I have to disagree with you here. There is enough evidence out there to show that climate change IS happing.

      It is very disturbing to see that more and more people now are falling back into denial mode about climate change. In my my view this is not because of the lack of evidence but a general apathy towards this topic now.

      Why don't we agree to focus on all aspects (including CO2 & consumerism) of making our world a better place instead of trying to prove each other wrong about Climate Change or whatever topic you as an individual think different about?

      We need to work together instead of trying to prove us wrong. Otherwise we will be getting nowhere in my view.

  2. The issue is clear. The solution isn't. And the question I have is, how/where can individuals engage in the solution? There are plenty of lifestyle suggestions/directions out there, which can be helpful (although it would be great to have a resource that vetted these). However, human nature shows again and again that until you make the healthier/responsible choice the easier choice, people en-mass won't make changes. I'd like to dedicate my career to making an impact in sustainability, but I don't have the hard skills (scientific, engineering, etc). What I do have are the soft skills – strategic planning, marketing, communications, program management, etc. I am looking for the right teammates. How can individuals like myself contribute to finding solutions, implementing them, refining them, and then scaling them?

    1. Very well said. On the contribution side: I think everyone can make a huge impact on finding a solution for our problems. You will have some personal skills that you could use to promote Sustainability.

      Take me for example. I am coming from a business background with no environmental or technical knowledge at all. But what I am focusing on is being great at what I do in terms of promoting Sustainability. This is my contribution.

      What do you think yours could be?

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