Video: Killing fields – the true cost of Europe’s cheap meat

This is an old topic but we need some action to show that the price South American farmers are paying for our cheap meat we have here in Europe is horrendous. I guess we all know that this way of producing soya simply to feed our animals here in Europe is just not sustainable. But this is easily forgotten unfortunately.

This is not an activist video or something similar but a very professional fact driven film. The video is showing what the situation is, that this cycle of reinforcing problems needs to be broken and that there are alternatives to this practice.

We as consumers have a choice and we need to decide individually what we want to do. I have made my choice years ago but becoming a vegetarian. I still consume dairy products but only in a very limit amount (I love my cheese!).

But the choice is yours and I am only here to provide you with some thoughts and information to make an informed decision. But please take the time to watch this video.

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