Video: Hedonistic Sustainability by Bjarke Ingels

In today’s post I wanted to share another very interesting TED video relating to Sustainability and sustainable design. This time from TEDxEast. In this video Bjarke Ingels talks about “Hedonistic Sustainability”. What this exactly means will be explained in the video of course.

Scandinavia and Sustainable Design / Architecture

Bjarke Ingels is from Scandinavia. For some reason a lot of the really visionary sustainable designers/architects are from this region of the globe. I lived in Denmark & Sweden for a few years (did my Masters at the Copenhagen Business School, etc.) and must say that the number of young people interested in design, architecture and sustainability is unusually high in comparison to other areas of the world that I know of. In a way you could call it a melting pot of revolutionary sustainable future design and architecture in my view.

This is the talk of Bjarke Ingels:

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