The 2nd part of the 2016 season for Sustainability conferences across the globe will begin in September and today’s post is to highlight some of the events I have come across the past weeks.

Sustainability conferences 2016

There are 5 upcoming events under the Sustainable Brands umbrella across the globe for the rest of 2016. Quite impressive in my view.

Ethical Corporation events

Ethical Corporation has three upcoming events all based in London. All sound interesting too.

The BSR conference

 This years motto is BE BOLD. Loving the motto to be honest and its sounds to be very practically oriented with a focus on the big future topics.

Net Impact conference

A gathering of students and professionals who are committed of making a lasting social and environmental impact now and for a lifetime. If you live and work in the US this should be a must-go event.

These are the most prominent conferences I could find for the 2nd part of 2016. If I missed any please comment here or contact me via my contact form.

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