Twitter is the most popular Sustainability / CSR Social Media channel

Last week I conducted a poll aimed at identifying the most popular Social Media channel for your Sustainability / CSR topics. The result was unambiguous really.

Twitter is the most popular Social Media channel for Sustainability / CSR topics.

These are the results in numbers:

  • Twitter with 73% (40 votes)
  • Facebook with 11% (6 votes)
  • Google+ with 15% (8 votes)
  • LinkedIn with 16% (9 votes)
  • Other with 7% (4 votes)

What does this mean?

Two main messages really.
(1) If you are intending to communicate any kind of Sustainability / CSR message, the Social Media channel you should use as your primary channel is Twitter.
(2) Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ are alternatives but at this point not really considered as useful as Twitter.

What are your thoughts on this result? All views are welcomed.

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  1. Hi Fabian,
    I also think Twitter is great for CSR/sustainability (@jabosborne). But here at Lundquist (@Lundquist), we carry out annual surveys of how CSR experts, sustainability professionals and stakeholder representatives use the internet (everyone from SRI analysts to NGOs).
    Last year, we had responses from over 300 people, and we asked them among other matters about their use of social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and sharing sites like Slideshare (the "other" category didn't point to significant use of any other platforms and Google+ wasn't launched at that time).
    Interestingly, the results depend very much on frequency of use. The intense users (daily) are equally split between LinkedIn and Twitter. But if you look at those using social media for CSR at least monthly, LinkedIn comes out on top, followed by YouTube, then Twitter and Facebook.
    We' publishing on our website ( a summary results later this week.
    Regards, James.

    1. Interesting James. Thanks for the comment. I personally do not really use LinkedIn as a Social Media channel. Only for selected posts. I also agree with the frequency argument. I am a "power-user" I guess. For me Twitter and Google+ are ideal networks.

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