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Twitter engagement has changed and it is for the better

Back in 2016 I felt Twitter was getting to one-sided and mostly used a marketing channel for sustainability related brands. I even went so far to use Twitter as a one-way communication channel from that point on. Fast forward to 2018 and I have to admit that this Twitter engagement has changed. And I was wrong with my 2016 conclusion. Twitter has changed and it has changed for the better in terms engagement. Maybe I was too impatient. That could be. Sometimes I can be quite impatient I have to admit. 🙂

Twitter engagement has picked up 2018

In 2018 I see much more engagement on Twitter compared to 2016. I did not really tweet until December in 2017. So I can not say much about that year. What are the reasons for this increased Twitter engagement? This is a difficult question of course. And please consider that this is my point of view. A view that is limited to Twitter engagement on the topics such as Sustainability and Sustainable Business. Examples of higher Twitter engagement include an increased amount of interactions to tweets I posted, an increase in sustainability related hashtag discussions and the possibility and increased use to “Like” tweets now. So where does that leave us?

The bond to make our planet a better place in growing stronger

The sustainability world is moving closer together now it seems. The bond between people who want to make our planet a better place is growing stronger. Donald Trump, the looming Brexit and other global crisis elements seem to act as an invisible bond between people working in the sustainability field. This bond was definitely not as strong in 2016. I believe the sustainability community has understood that it needs to speak with a more unified voice. Otherwise there is a danger that our calls for a more sustainable living change will go unnoticed. I bet everyone has had this experience that addressing the effects of climate change or a push for more responsible business practice are being drowned by the hotter topics at the moment. At least that is the feedback I am getting from colleagues and friends.

After all these bad developments that are either with us at the moment or looming in the future maybe this is the light at the end of the tunnel. How much worse can it really get?

Make your voice heard and stick together

If we do not make sure our work on sustainability is growing stronger and stronger there is a danger that it might be destroyed within a few years. I get this impression when I look at the current political trend moving us to more isolation and nationalism. For us to make a sustained change in our daily lives,  we need to make our voice heard and stick together. Otherwise the nationalists and populists will win. And that is an outcome history has shown us will have devastating consequences.

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