My Top Five Sustainability / CSR Communication Examples

Today we received our organic vegetable box as we do every Monday. Inside where some great vegetables and this little note:

What a great short note to say that this lettuce is not perfect but that there is also nothing wrong with it. This is what I call direct and easy to understand communication. I, as a customer, would like to see more of this kind of communication. But obviously this is not the norm we all know when we talk about Sustainability / CSR reports and related documents.

This kind of communication as illustrated above is therefore I believe even more important if you are communicating your Sustainability / CSR topics as a business.

Why? Because Sustainability / CSR topics are not as easy to communicate as a soft drink that has less sugar then the leading brand for example. A Sustainability / CSR message is a lot less exciting and relies more on facts and is generally considered ‘boring’ by most of its stakeholders.

So what are good examples where Sustainability / CSR topic have been communicated in a way that is easy to understand, direct and something I would call as good communication?

My top five currently are:

To sum up:
Good and effective Sustainability / CSR communication needs to be direct, uncomplicated and friendly but at the same time focused on the cultural context of the individual target group.

Here is an example: A message of Sustainability / CSR excellence that is intended for the Scandinavian market has to be focus more on the cultural context of the Scandinavian public. This same communication would most likely not work with the audience in the Spanish market.

I will try to find the time in the coming weeks to write a separate post about this crucial aspect in Sustainability / CSR communications: The cultural difference and Sustainability / CSR communication. In the meantime I would love to hear your views on the points I raised in this post.

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  1. Interesting post, Fabian! What I am always interested in seeing is how companies communicate their CSR/Sustainability at the point of sale or in the case of your lettuce example – to the end user. Clear, easy to understand communication that allows the consumer to feel good about their purchase and how they had a positive effect is important!

  2. Very true. This for me makes the difference when I am choosing which products to buy. It is sometimes a little inconvenient but I always feel that it makes the purchase in a way also more satisfying for me as a consumer.

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