Top 5 Sustainability & CSR News Stories this week – 31.10.2008

This week has seen a lot of interesting news items on CSR and Sustainability. The most interesting stories I came across where the first and second stories below. Namely on the link of effective management and sustainability governance and the research on CSR reporting done by KPMG study mentioned in the second article.

Here are the Top 5 of this week:

New research confirms link between corporate responsibility and improved financial performance

New research released today by Business in the Community (BITC) reveals a statistically significant link between effective management and governance of environmental and social issues and financial performance.

Sustainability Reporting Grows Dramatically Among Multinationals

The number of large multinational companies reporting corporate responsibility (CR) data has risen dramatically over the last three years, with vast majority doing so because of ethical reasons, according to new research from KPMG.

Global Investors Issue $4T Incentive for Sustainability

A powerful group of global investors has launched an initiative to call on almost 9,000 listed companies to sign-up to international standards on human rights, the environment and anti-corruption measures.

Future of green is not so black, say some

The deepening economic crisis may appear to be the perfect storm for environmentalism, but many in and around the green movement contend the opposite, seeing in it a time of opportunity.

U.N. Set to Spur Global Green Market

The United Nations Environment Programme launched the Green Economic Initiative last week to shift the global economy toward environmentally friendly investments in order to create jobs and address climate change.

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