This weeks Top 5 Sustainability/Corporate Social Responsibility news stories focus more on Climate Change topics. I noticed that there where a lot of interesting climate change studies published this week. Next to the interesting Climate Change topics I particularly like second article on the importance of brand strength for sustainability.

Here are the Top 5 of this week:

Combating climate change could create millions of jobs, says UN-backed study
Tackling climate change could potentially generate millions of new employment opportunities, according to a new United Nations-backed study – the first of its kind on the emergence of a “green economy” and its impact on labour.

Sustainability credentials essential to brand strength
Authors of top 100 brand report argue that good environmental performance is becoming an increasingly important factor in a company’s brand power.

Global carbon emissions still rising
Man-made C02 emissions are increasing four times faster than pre-2000 figures.

Study: GM Gets Thumbs Up for Eco-Friendly Practices
In Web discussions and blogs centred on environmental health and sustainability, Toyota and Honda have an unlikely stable mate: General Motors, a bane of environmentalists for spending millions to lobby against fuel economy mandates.

Consumers Say Business Should Take Leading Role in Fighting Climate Change
Consumers believe businesses should bear the heaviest load of the burden to address climate change and while companies acknowledge the problem, they haven’t done as much as they could to address it, say two recent studies.

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