Environmental and climate Change topics is the focus of this weeks Top 5 Sustainability/Corporate Social Responsibility news stories. This is not intentional but merely a reflection of the interesting new I came across during that week.

Here are the Top 5 of this week:

EU announces next eco-design product priorities
The European Commission has unveiled a list of ten priority energy-using product groups for which it wants energy-efficiency standards to be established in the next three years.

Top 10 sources of pollution named and shamed
Mining and material extraction have health risks that could be avoided with relatively small investments.

UNEP plans green version of the New Deal spacer
The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) has launched a ‘Green New Deal’ initiative, which it hopes will give governments the tools to perform an environmental overhaul of their economies.

Crunch fails to crush cleantech investment
Money invested globally in green technology has grown strongly this year, despite the downturn.

Calif. Efficiency Laws Saved State Big Bucks
A report from the University of California, Berkeley, reaffirmed research recently released by the state Air Resources Board: Strong energy policies will become a key driver for improving job creation, household incomes and the Gross State Product.

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