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A climate change start up to show us what climate impact we have

Climate change and start ups is an interesting combination in my view. Why? Simple. If we are to change our way of living and are able to reduce the negative climate change effects we need solutions and actions. Solutions that are innovative and practical at the same time are ideal. Because what is the point of having a solution if we can not take action to change. That is why we need climate change start ups. And today I wanted to introduce the climate change start up Tomorrow to you. Tomorrow is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and Paris, France. Founded by Olivier Corradi and Bruno Lajoie.

Tomorrow – A climate change start up giving us access to climate impact data

The best way to start of explaining what Tomorrow is about is by a quote from their website: : “We want to help humanity reach a sustainable state of existence by quantifying, and making widely accessible, the climate impact of the daily choices we make.”

Transparency of how our climate impact looks like is key to changing and limiting it. Tomorrow is providing three products that help us do exactly that. Some free and some come at a reasonable cost (which I believe is only interesting for organisations anyway). I have been using their free data for a while now and found their products really useful. I also did a blog post about the service. Useful in the sense that it helps me understand what our overall energy footprint is and what the reality of our climate impact is in real-time. How great is that? 🙂

tomorrow products

I believe this venture needs a lot more publicity and funding to really get going. That is why I am trying to do my bit to raise awareness about this organisation with this blog post.

To find out more about Tomorrow:

I would love to hear about more climate change start ups like this. So please get in touch if you know of more organisations like Tomorrow.

Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with this start up. I just find their products really useful in the overall sustainability context.
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  1. Thank you very much for sharing! Great that you try to inscrease awareness! I couldn’t agree more! Transparency, strategy, action and repeat. That’s how we will manage. Best wishes from Brazil

    1. Author

      Many thanks and I totally agree. Greeting back from Germany to Brazil! 🙂

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