Three new useful Google Chrome extensions

A couple of months ago I started writing posts on the latest Google Chrome extensions I am using in the Chrome browser. Today I want to present you three new Google extensions I found very useful over the past months.

Buffer – Useful Twitter tool for tweets throughout the day: With Buffer you can add a lot of tweets into your queue of Buffered Tweets, without flooding your followers. I find it really useful throughout the day to either tweet the interesting article right away or put it in my “buffer”, ie. to tweet this at a specific time. I would encourage you to try it out. Really useful. I first saw this used by @davidcoethica, thanks David.

SEO Site Tools – All you need, to know what your and other websites are up to: I am a website geek. This is when this extension is very useful. The little gadget gives me all the metrics and numbers I need in order to see how my site is doing and what SEO metrics other sites have. It also includes some social media reactions.

Clearly – Read the articles without the noise: I am reading a lot of articles each day. This extension is a great helper in making sure I am focusing on the article the best way possible without beng distracted. Clearly makes blog posts, articles and webpages clean and easy to read, as simple as that. Once you have tried you do not want to miss it.

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