Some of you might have wondered where the my environmental website and discussion forum,, has been over the past weeks.

Long story, here is the short version: At the beginning of March from one day to the next, hackers attacked the site and managed to inject one of websites styles (determines how the forum looks visually) with malware and a virus which was forwarding visitors to another site away from and pretty much prohibited any participation on the site. I investigated and in the end had to close down the complete forum altogether until I had this fixed.

But it now turns out that this was a blessing in disguise. The break of 3 weeks altogether gave me the chance to update the software, cleanup  the old membership base and delete spammy threads in had overlooked in the past. Now is back and stronger then ever with a brand new forum look and much heightened security measures to ensure that any future hacker attacks will be unsuccessful.

Have you checked us out yet? Forum

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  1. Ouch, that sucks.  Suppose whenever you have such a popular site it'll always be prey to hackers and spammers.  It's a compliment in a roundabout way.  Glad you've got the site back up and running though.

    1. Really happy to have it running again as well. It was tough and go for over 2 weeks. But the database was intact and Lunarpages was really helpful.

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