The Result in Copenhagen

Todays post will be a rather short one as I am still in the States but back in the UK on Monday.

We have all been looking to Copenhagen to get a result that will change the direction our world is going at the moment with regards to Climate Change.

The reactions so far are really not good or mixed to say the least. I have summarized my opinion and some links to the most relevant reactions as I see them. This is the link to the news item on the

This is what I thought of the result (from my news post):

“This result is not good enough. We needed a result that initiated change to curb carbon emissions and showed that we as humans can work together to secure the future of us all. This has not happened and we are left with a result that does not satisfy anyone.

What are we left with now dear world leaders? As the Brazilian president Lula da Silva said yesterday. “This conference is not a game where you can hide cards up your sleeves. If we just wait until our partners place their bets and discover we will be too late, we will all be loser”. And he is absolutely right and unfortunately everyone hid their cards and did not act but rather decided to wait and do not nothing. And this leaves us with absolutely nothing. A very sad day for all Sustainability professionals and people that believe that we need to take care of our planet.”

I will post a more extensive post in the next few days but let me know what you think oif the result and how this might effect you and your outlook into the future with regards to Climate Change.

Picture Credit: aussiegall

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