When I woke up this morning I noticed that Estelle Metayer had conducted another analysis of the most influencial experts on Twitter discussing corporate governance as she did last year. This is the link to the full blog post and the list: Who is the most influential corporate governance tweeter in 2011? I would like to recommend anyone interested in corporate governance topics, to take a closer look at this list.

The future of rankings for practitioners

But there is another interesting point I want to make today. The methodology makes a lot of sense to me and draws on Social Media tools such as Peerindex and Klout. In my view this approach gives us an interesting look into how key players across different topical areas can easily be identified like never before. Obviously only people willing to use Social Media channels would be included using these Social Media tools but with the combination of other methodological aspects which are not Social Media based the rankings can really be drawn together quite quickly, with limited effort and for not much money at all.

Thank you Estelle for your hard work on this and maybe we could work together on a future list for the CSR / Sustainability practitioners on Twitter and Google+. A ranking by practitioners for practitioners. Sounds excellent in view.

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