All hope is not lost for Sustainability – Start with your own Sustainability idea

The past months have been difficult for the anyone trying to promote the idea of Sustainability to say the least.

It seems that in Europe, Brexit and the refugee crisis are overshadowing any kind of willingness to talk about our common sustainable future.

The US has been crippled by the Trump presidency and has a much bigger leadership problem then anyone ever expected it seems.

The rest of the world is just watching on what is going in these two key areas of our globe. No proactive Sustainability leadership is to be seen anywhere.

So where next for the Sustainability idea? Well that is a very good question. And I am afraid I do not know where all of these developments will lead us.

When we listen to the overall scientific views on Climate Change we can safely say that all seems to be lost. Scientists recommend an immediate change of behavior to change our certain climate doom. But this change of behavior seems unrealistic as well looking at the geopolitical developments.

So where does this leave us really?

There is only one choice really if we are honest: We need to fight for what we believe is our common future. And this starts at your own personal level. Forget about the global or national mood or action. Start at your family level and make a change.

The future for me and my family starts with my closest family members. If we as a family start to change our ways and live the idea of a more sustainable future we ARE MAKING A CHANGE.

So lets just step back for a minute and ignore the current global issues and focus on what we can do to live a more sustainable life. To work to make our own personal Sustainability idea reality in our own little environment.

Imagine what an impact we would have if thousands and thousands of people would be doing that from today onwards.

There is a German saying:”Hope dies last”. And I believe that is exactly what we need to believe in now. All is not lost as long as we do not give up and let opportunists, fear-mongers and racists tell us what our future holds in store!

Will a sustainable future make everyone happier?

If you are reading this then you probably are interested in Sustainability. I am also assuming that we also agree on the fact that the human species on earth needs to strive being more sustainable because the way we live at the moment is not sustainable at all.

The purpose of today’s post is to briefly discuss the topic of happiness and its relationship to our sustainable future as I see it.

I am a happier person ( I know the term “happiness” is a bit general but lets just use it for the purpose of this post) because I have the opportunity to make a difference and promote a more sustainable way of doing business by providing companies with insights which help them to be more sustainable. The same is true for my personal life. I do not need to consume excessively  in order to be happy and I am keen to live my life as sustainable as possible.

But here is the issue. The reality is that the majority of people on this globe will not be a happier if we all try to live a more sustainable life. Aspects such as consumption and product variety will be hardest hit one we decide to lie a more sustainable lifestyle and the so called consumer-culture will quickly be a phenomenon of the past my view. In the end everything will have to be consumed in moderation because of our limited resources and everyone, from the rich and poor, will have to make cut backs and change the way they live life.

The big question
But can we as a species really adapt to consume in moderation, realistically scale down, make economic progress and be happier all at the same time?

My view
My answer is a clear ‘Yes we can’, simply because WE MUST change our ways. I also believe that we will find ways to innovate as well as be more sustainable. And this goes for each member of our society: Businesses, governments and individuals. Once we are finding ways to combine these different aspects happiness will be a consequence.

This is one of the big and important questions with regards to Sustainability in my view. I know that I am doing my best to convince my family and friends to live more sustainable (sometimes more effective and sometimes less unfortunately) but the crucial question is whether the majority of people on our planet will do the same.

My personal view on this particular topic is that we have no choice. WE NEED to make it possible. This is part of the purpose of Sustainability in my view. I also believe that in the end all of us will be happier then ever before because we, as a species, made change happen and paved the way for a more sustainable future for us and the generations to follow.

This is my view. What is  yours?

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Grow your own house – One feasible sustainable architecture vision

Today’s video is another video on ground breaking sustainability ideas. This time: Sustainable architecture with a special twist.

Have you ever imagined that a normal residential house could be grown instead of being build in the traditional way. And yes we already can. This is no sci-fi fantasy. Watch the video if you do not believe me.

A really interesting and different idea about how architecture can make an enormous contribution to our sustainable future. You might not like to go as far as growing your own ‘meathouse’ but the idea in essence is pretty amazing and at the same time feasible. We just need to start……

Video: Visionary Architecture for a Sustainable Future

Today I would like to recommend another video I have come across when I browsed

This video has this title: Bjarke Ingels: 3 warp-speed architecture tales.

About this video: Danish architect Bjarke Ingels rockets through photo/video-mingled stories of his eco-flashy designs. His buildings not only look like nature — they act like nature: blocking the wind, collecting solar energy — and creating stunning views.

All in all this is an amazing, funny and futuristic talk from a visionary architect. Take the time to watch it and you will have a good idea of how sustainable living in the future could look like. Enjoy.