Resuming normal blogging service this week

The past two weeks where totally packed with private appointments. It was therefore impossible to find the time to blog in my regular capacity unfortunately.

Now everything is getting close to normal and I can start to catch up on the Sustainability / CSR news and events I missed.

Here are some interesting news and blog items I found this week so far:

More posts to follow this week if all the catching up goes according to plan. If there is anything you have to share in terms of Sustainability / CSR news please let me know in the comments section.

Turning into a Sustainability / CSR skeptic with all that marketing mumbo jumbo

I have to say that I am becoming more of a Sustainability / CSR skeptic each day now. Not that I do not believe in the ultimate goal for Sustainability or responsible business practice. In this I believe even more then ever before.

What I am becoming very skeptical about the whole overflow of Sustainability / CSR related news and comms these days. I call it Sustainability / CSR mumbo jumbo (phrase).mumbo-jumbo

A sign of the times with more marketing people involved?

What are the reasons? Well, one aspect could be that there are more and more marketing professionals involved in the sustainability profession then ever before. As we all know marketing people are excellent communicators. But ultimately they listen to the businesses that pay their bills. And this can be seen by all the different mumbo jumbo news items. I want to hear about relevant Sustainability / CSR news and not the latest marketing campaign to gain as many clicks as possible on a Sustainability report for example. The list is endless and I know from many people in the field that the daily frustrations of an overflow of irrelevant Sustainability / CSR news these days leads them to place the news into their junk folder and forget about them. This is a problem as the relevant Sustainability / CSR that does exist is being forgot about too.

Where does that leave me as a stakeholder?

We all have a choice what we want to be influenced by if we stay sceptical about the Sustainability / CSR news we come across.

To start of I would look for the following signs of quality in a Sustainability / CSR news item:

  1. Is the headline too grand to be true?
  2. Is this original content or content that has been duplicated from another site?
  3. Where did the article originally get published?
  4. Who wrote the article? A company or an individual?
  5. Are there any comments possible? Or is it simply a site pushing content out?
  6. Does that website publish on a regular basis or is it publishing all news items all at once?

I hope this is of help to anyone reading this and all feedback is appreciated. I am a big critic when it comes to irrelevant Sustainability / CSR news so watch this space for more on the topic.

Picture Credit: Mumbo Jumbo

Sustainability / CSR news feed summary from the 22.08 – 16.09.2016

I have been posting my favorite daily Sustainability / CSR news over the past month now. I really enjoyed the process and hope you will find these daily updates useful. News Sustainability CSR 2

Today’s post is a simple summary of these posts as I will clear out the Sustainability / CSR news feed now so that the page does not get too long to read and only includes up to date news.

These are the Sustainability / CSR news I found of interest from the 22nd of August to the 16th of September 2016. All feedback appreciated.

























Picture Credit: David Michalczuk

My new Sustainability / CSR news feed

There is a hardly a day when I do not check out the latest Sustainability / CSR news from across the globe. I guess you could call me a news junkie in that regard. 😉

Out of these news items I am coming across there are many that are not overly interesting to share in my view. But the ones that are interesting to share I from now on post on my Sustainability / CSR news feed.

I decided to create this designated page for Sustainability / CSR news in order to provide my readers an overview of what I am reading on Sustainability / CSR. These news items are no endorsement of the companies or websites but rather a specific selection out of the hundreds of news items on Sustainability / CSR each day.

Sustainability CSR news feed

The page has a prominent position on my blog and I hope you will find this new page addition useful.

All feedback on the Sustainability / CSR news page very much welcome.

News review: Unilever’s disbanding CSR department, adding CSR meaning and improving stakeholder engagement

In today’s news review I will be highlighting 5 Sustainability / CSR news stories that I found most useful. A full list of Sustainability / CSR news items updated each day can be found here:  My sustainability / CSR news feedNews Sustainability CSR 2

  1. Big brands like Unilever aren’t the answer to helping Africa’s farmers via The Guardian: This is an interesting article discussing the trend of large corporations linking low-income communities to their global supply chains. So called inclusive business. The author goes on to argue that the business reality of an informal economy to inclusive business needs to be considered more.
  2. 4 Ways Agencies Can Add Meaning to Corporate Social Responsibility Programs via AdWeek: Here the author presents “four ways advertisers and their agencies can refresh and refocus their CSR programs.” A general but still useful article in my view especially if you are an ad agency or any kind of firm working on Sustainability / CSR communication.
  3. A new type of CSR: Why I disbanded Unilever’s CSR department, in a nutshell via LinkedIn: This is my favorite article of the 5 top Sustainability / CSR news the past days. Keith Weed, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer from Unilever writes about the reasons why Unilever disbanded their CSR department. Good insight into the mature CSR / Sustainability strategy and business integration of CSR at Unilever.
  4. How sustainability leaders deal with bullies via GreenBiz: Part Two of an interesting Sustainability / CSR article series from Bob Langert, Former Vice President of Sustainability, McDonald’s on NGO engagement and related experiences while working for McDonald’s.
  5. The Benefits of Integrating, Communicating Your Purpose Are Undeniable – Here’s Why via Sustainable Brands: A more abstract but still very insightful article on the topic how an organisation can generate higher value with their stakeholder engagement activities by creating a singular and more authentic purpose.

These are my top 5 Sustainability / CSR news items so far this week. If there are more interesting news items I find important to write about I will post this kind of a news review again this week.