When I woke up this morning I noticed that Estelle Metayer had conducted another analysis of the most influencial experts on Twitter discussing corporate governance as she did last year. This is the link to the full blog post and the list: Who is the most influential corporate governance tweeter in 2011? I wouldRead More →

I usually present interesting research and resources over the course of each weekend and today I wanted to make you aware of a new resource on how small businesses (SME’s) can communicate their CSR using social media. This new resource for SME’s has been provided by the Georgetown University – Center forRead More →

The 23rd of May 2012 was an important day for Sustainability as far as I see it. For the first time the term “Sustainability” trended on Twitter. This is the tweet from Jo Confino about “Sustainability” trending in the UK region: [blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/joconfino/status/205317420435521537″] When a term is trending on Twitter itRead More →

If you are still in doubt that Social Media is not really useful all sorts of sustainability / CSR topics and sustainability generally then you may want to read this article from the Guardian last week  called: Why Twitter is ideally suited for sustainability. The article clearly outlines and provides excellentRead More →