Never ever stop believing in our sustainable and global future

I am a global citizen and I strongly believe in the power of the globalisation for us and future generations.

Sustainability is a part of this believe. Sustainability is the driving power for a fair and just globalisation. And we as part of the Sustainability movement have made great progress over the past decades to do our bit.

The past few weeks have shown that all we have worked so hard for is under threat. Serious threat. The 45th President of the United States and the Brexit vote are the two single biggest threats to our common global future in general and the Sustainability movement more specifically.

I am not not a politically interested person. Quite the opposite. I strongly believe in the power of the individual and his/her strength to create a better world. Politicians in my view should just be representatives of these individuals. But this no longer seems to be the case these days.

I will not use more words now to state the obvious (if you are a open-minded and social person):

If we as individuals are not starting to do more for our freedom and global future we will have others make the choices for us.

And look where we are heading towards now.

The future can be a sustainable, just and bright future but only if each individual is doing their bit.

You personally know very well what it is for you. I know what it is for me. So lets get going and oppose those forces that are ruining our global and sustainable future. There really is no other choice.

Visual impact: Infographic on what our world could look like in 50 years

This is an interesting infographic on how our world could look like in 50 years.

Shocking but also very true in many aspects. It is definitely worth taking a few minutes to look through it. And to make sure we do our bit to be more sustainable individuals and consumers.

State of the Earth in 50 years


Source: INFOGRAPHIC: What could our world look like in 50 years? | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building


Top 5 Sustainability & CSR News Stories this week – 21.11.2008

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. It has been an extremely busy week. Nevertheless have I been reading some interesting stories this week. The most interesting articles make it into my weekly top 5 list.
This week my favourite in terms of topical area is the article on nuclear power as I believe that our decision whether to invest in nuclear power is a decision of great significance for our sustainable future. I also really liked the Al Gore’s article on Sustainable Capitalism in the WSJ.
Take a look and let me know what you think by commenting below.

My Top 5 Sustainability/CSR News Stories this week:

British Energy chief: “We can’t meet our climate change obligations without nuclear”

Nuclear operator claim plans for four new reactors need to be accelerated. If you like it or not we need to find a solution on the nuclear debate soon. One way or the other. Our time runs out.

Size matters: Long CSR reports win most green gongs

Longer corporate responsibility reports are more likely to win companies an environmental gong but they are still packed with greenwash and vague references to terminology such as ’sustainability’.

We Need Sustainable Capitalism

Nature does not do bailouts. An article by Al Gore.

Yahoo! Study Finds Growing Green Market

The drive to sustainability is having a broad effect on consumers, with three in four defining themselves as “green,” according to a new survey by Yahoo!.

Green Building Could Triple by 2013 – Report

The U.S. green building market is accelerating at a dramatic rate. The value of green building construction starts was up five-fold from 2005 to 2008 (from $10 billion to $36-$49 billion), and could triple by 2013, reaching $96-$140 billion, according to a new report.

Picture Credit: huntz

Technology – The Important Role in our Sustainable Future

This topic has been bugging me for a while now so here is what I think. Our sustainable future will be relying on technology that we as humankind choose to invest in that we believe can save our planet. Not everyone has realized hat yet but technology is what we are good at so we need to find a way how to use it to secure our future.

That is why we need to use it more and encourage all sorts of investment that helps to promote the use of technology related to sustainability. We do not need faster cars, more flashy phones or the latest fashion accessory using high tech but we need to look to the following technology fields to make continuous progress if we are to move towards a more sustainable future.

Technology fields of importance (Wikipedia links for more information):

  1. Food Production: How can we feed everyone in a more sustainable way and avoid the injustice that millions people are dying of hunger on our planet?
  2. Transportation: How do we solve our current transportation dilemma?
  3. Environmental Technologies: Technology will be a key to minimizing our externalities as we only have one planet to use so environmental technologies need to be a focus.
  4. Renewable Energy: This is the only way forward lets not waste our time with Nuclear Energy
  5. Energy Storage: Once we invest more in renewable energy energy storage can be the key to avoiding energy peaks and lowering the costs of energy long term
  6. Collaboration & Communication: Communication is key to collaboration and collaboration is essential for our sustainable future. So lets use and embrace modern communication

Technology will help us to make progress on our path to a sustainable future but we need to remember one thing before everything in my opinion. We need to be very selective which technology to choose in the next few years. We only have one shot or maybe two at the most to get it right.
So let’s start with working together to promote the use of technology for our sustainable future.