Resuming normal blogging service this week

The past two weeks where totally packed with private appointments. It was therefore impossible to find the time to blog in my regular capacity unfortunately.

Now everything is getting close to normal and I can start to catch up on the Sustainability / CSR news and events I missed.

Here are some interesting news and blog items I found this week so far:

More posts to follow this week if all the catching up goes according to plan. If there is anything you have to share in terms of Sustainability / CSR news please let me know in the comments section.

Sustainability / CSR news feed summary from the 22.08 – 16.09.2016

I have been posting my favorite daily Sustainability / CSR news over the past month now. I really enjoyed the process and hope you will find these daily updates useful. News Sustainability CSR 2

Today’s post is a simple summary of these posts as I will clear out the Sustainability / CSR news feed now so that the page does not get too long to read and only includes up to date news.

These are the Sustainability / CSR news I found of interest from the 22nd of August to the 16th of September 2016. All feedback appreciated.

























Picture Credit: David Michalczuk

My new Sustainability / CSR news feed

There is a hardly a day when I do not check out the latest Sustainability / CSR news from across the globe. I guess you could call me a news junkie in that regard. 😉

Out of these news items I am coming across there are many that are not overly interesting to share in my view. But the ones that are interesting to share I from now on post on my Sustainability / CSR news feed.

I decided to create this designated page for Sustainability / CSR news in order to provide my readers an overview of what I am reading on Sustainability / CSR. These news items are no endorsement of the companies or websites but rather a specific selection out of the hundreds of news items on Sustainability / CSR each day.

Sustainability CSR news feed

The page has a prominent position on my blog and I hope you will find this new page addition useful.

All feedback on the Sustainability / CSR news page very much welcome.

News review: Sustainability leadership, supply chain trends and Sustainability risk

Tuesday, 23.08.2016 Sustainability / CSR news review.

All articles have been sourced from my RSS feed or Twitter. This list does not represent any kind of endorsement of the websites or companies. It is simply a list of Sustainability / CSR news I came across and found of interest to share.Sustainability CSR News

  1. Food Supply Chain Ethics Increasingly Important to UK Consumers, Studies Find: Good article based on 2 recent surveys including research from Globescan that UK consumers are increasingly demanding more ethics in food sustainability supply chains
  2. Sustainability leadership amid fear and pressure: Part 1 of a 3 part series about the challenges for a Sustainability professional working amid fear and pressure.
  3. 5 Reasons Executives Fail to Engage Students: Not directly Sustainability but also useful reading about some possible reasons why executives fail to engage students. I am adding this here in the list this problem might also be an issue with sustainability focused executives and their challenges to communicate sustainability properly.
  4. 6 trends in supply chain sustainability: Article on the EY report, The state of sustainable supply chains: Building responsible and resilient supply chains published not so long ago.
  5. To Price Sustainability Risk, You Need an Industry View: And interesting financial perspective on the topic of Sustainability disclosure and how much is needed.

More Sustainability / CSR news tomorrow. If you have any news you would like to have considered for the daily Sustainability / CSR news review feel free to get in touch via my contact form.

Picture Credit: manoftaste-de

CSR Story Recap Week 17 2012

Each Friday I will aim to publish a short list of the CSR / Sustainability stories I found really interesting that week. 

I really liked these following stories this 17th week of 2012:

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