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Sustainability websites I am following on Facebook

Facebook is a great Social Media tool to promote Sustainability in my experience. Today I wanted to highlight several sustainability websites I am following on Facebook. I am also following these websites and many more through my RSS reader if you are interested in a more extended sustainability news reading list apart from Facebook.

Sustainability websites I am following on Facebook

  • GreenBiz on Facebook: GreenBiz is always on top of the Sustainabilty websites in my view. They are really active in posting new content and are doing the same on Facebook.
  • TriplePundit on Facebook: Now that TriplePundit is part of 3blMedia, the Facebook presence is even more important as it helps us reach one of the pioneers of sustainability websites directly.
  • on Facebook: A good presence here on Facebook. is one of the leading sustainability news websites in Europe and should not be missing from a list like this.
  • Ensia on Facebook: Ensia is one of my all-time favourites when you want to read meaningful and in-depth sustainability related blog posts. The Facebook presence does not disappoint either.
  • Eco Business Media on Facebook: Eco Business is a website I have been following for a few months now. Good content and a good Facebook presence too.
  • Sustainable Brands on Facebook: Sustainable Brands is a very big player in the sustainability field and should also not be missing from a list like this.

These are the websites I am following on Facebook. Who else would you recommend to follow as well? Next to our Sustainability Forum on Facebook of course!

Picture Credit: “Facebookby Descrier, licensed under CC-BY 2.0original source via Flickr

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