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Sustainability Social Media recommendation: #EthicalHour on Twitter

I am and always have been an active Twitter user. Twitter for me is one of three main Social Media channels and has been a very important social media driver for my sustainability efforts. This means that I am coming across some interesting discussions and other types of engagement on a regular basis. One hashtag discussion I have been following each week in 2018 has been the #EthicalHour hashtag.

Each Monday at 8pm GMT #EthicalHour founder Sian Conway invites participants to chat about predefined sustainability related topics on Twitter. These type of Twitter chat engagements are really common these days and very useful tools to raise the awareness of certain topics via Twitter.

More about #EthicalHour from the founder herself

This is what Sian Conway had to say when I asked her to provide me a bit more context what made her start this Twitter chat:

“Basically I was getting more interested in ethical living and being a marketer I turned to Twitter for advice! I started connecting with all these great people and brands but there was nothing bringing them together so I decided to start the Twitter chat and it’s grown from there. Lots of ethical small businesses are started because of the passion and personal values of the owner but they don’t always have marketing expertise, so I started sharing advice with them and creating resources to help. It was received really well! Within a couple of weeks we were getting some really big ethical brands involved like Oxfam Fashion and Divine Chocolate, and it soon started trending in the top 10 trends regularly.”

The EthicalHour hashtag combines some interesting sustainability and sustainable business information and I would it recommend it to everyone to follow this hashtag. Please join the discussion on each Monday for an hour starting at 8pm GMT if you have the time. More information can also be found on the EthicalHour website.

Next to #EthicalHour there other chats too. Unfortunately there is only one I know about that is still happening every few months. It is the #CSRChat by created by Susan McPherson.

Are there any other chats relating to Sustainability you could recommend?

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