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At the moment (start of 2019) Twitter is the only Social Media medium I am actively using to engage with Sustainability minded people from across the globe. Why is that?

Twitter is direct and also at the same time closed enough to specifically search for a certain topic such as Sustainability. More on my take on Sustainability and Social Media can be found in my cornerstone article.

Today’s article is meant as a starter list of sustainability related companies and company accounts that I have noticed using Twitter over the past years more extensively then others. I am not always on Twitter and notice what is going on but I spend some time on it. These companies here include multi national companies (MNC’s), think tanks, consultancies and other companies that use Twitter as a Sustainability communications medium.

Sustainability related company accounts on Twitter

All of these companies are also part of my Twitter lists:

This list should not be seen as a who is who list and will never be complete. I will update this list as find more companies on Twitter that are posting useful updates. This is another point. Marketing or green-washing has no place on my blog. So only in my view authentic Twitter using companies will be linked here. Please feel also free to suggest companies so I can check them out.

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