How Sustainability can become a pre-competitive factor for business success

We need to change the way we think about sustainability and the future of our planet. This is the straightforward message how Jason Clay from WWF is ending this TED talk which I would like to present in today’s blog post.

I can really recommend this video to anyone interested in Sustainability. For me the most interesting message includes the need of NGO’s such as the WWF to work and cooperate with the biggest global brands on the key issues such as the global production of palm oil or the rainforest deforestation in order push us as consumers more towards demanding more sustainable products.

NGO’s can’t do this themselves. But what they can do is to convince and show companies that they can earn more money with being sustainable and pushing for a more sustainable production and distribution. If this is successful, Sustainability in the future will become one of the pre-competitive factors for business success.

This is the video:

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