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A Sustainability documentary you need to watch – The Green Lie

Today I wanted to highlight a documentary that has dominated much of our family sustainability discussions the past weeks. The documentary is called Die Grüne Lüge or the Green Lie in english. The Green Lie is a German/Austrian movie/documentary coming out this month here in Germany and Austria. It is already showing around selected cinemas across Austria. The start for the German market is later this March, 2018.

The biggest problem with this movie is that it is not in out in English so far. And I do not know whether it will ever come out in English unfortunately. And this is a real shame. I am sure it would be of enormous significance to anyone interested in sustainability that is not speaking German. This is part of the reason why I wanted to blog about this documentary and book over the next months here. I want to support this documentary as much as possible through my blogging here.

 The Green Lie message

The Green Lie has a very powerful message: “We are being told that our purchase decisions can make a difference and change the world. But actually this is just a smart marketing plot to appease us consumers and lure us into the false comfort-feeling that all is ok once we are signing on to sustainable products. Sustainable products are better products than the old ones but they are still not good enough and very often just a smokescreen for the real issues. Examples are the palm oil industry, garment partnerships and many more Green Lies that we need to expose and take action against.”

Next to this message the movie will give us ideas and examples of what we can do to expose this green lie and demand change within companies and governments.

This is an interview with the makers of this movie, Kathrin Hartmann and Werner Boote. All feedback is much appreciated

More about this documentary and book during the next months

I will blog about this movie and book the next monhts as I am reading through the book that has been released next to the movie called “Die Grüne Lüge” (Amazon link to the book). If you are a reader of this blog you will know that this topic is very close to my sustainability heart. So please make sure you follow us over the next months.


  1. Very interesting. Will it have subtitles?

    1. Author

      I am not sure. But will check. That might be a good solution until it gets to a wider global audience.

  2. hi. Do you know how i can stream or buy this film to watch at home? Thanks!

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