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As we are well into the second month of 2018, I am sure your plans for attending some interesting Sustainability events or conferences are well on the way. If not, maybe some of these sustainability conferences around the globe might be of interest to you. I am regularly posting these summaries whenever I have enough good quality information about useful events and conferences (A list of Sustainability conferences in 2019 can be found here).

Please also feel free to suggest other events or conferences you find of interest. All conferences are sorted by date. I have not provided a more detailed description as they all have good websites of course. One important note. I am simply providing you these conference links out of my own interest and I am not associated with any of these sustainability conferences in any way. Unfortunately I will not be able to visit any of these conferences as sustainability blogging is only a hobby of mine. But if I would I would travel the globe to all of these! 🙂

Where are some interesting sustainability conferences this year?

This is the detailed list sorted by date:

Another great guide can be found here on Realized Worth’s website if you are interested in some volunteering events too.

What events have I missed? What other conferences are you going to. Any feedback is appreciated.

Picture Credit: “Conferenceby Tõnu Mauring,  licensed under CC-BY 2.0Original source via Flickr

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