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If you are interested in Sustainability / CSR you will need to connect to others in the business field. Sustainability conferences are a great way to do just that. In 2018 I wrote a summary of the upcoming Sustainability conferences I found interesting. In 2019 I decided to do the same. This is a starters list. It is by no means complete. I have no clue how many sustainability conferences there are in 2019. But I am sure there are a lot. I will edit this list as I find more conferences I see to be useful here. So make sure you check back at some point. You might find a sustainability / CSR conference you where not aware of.

If you are looking for a sustainability conference in 2020. Here is the 2020 list: Sustainability Conferences 2020

These is a list of Sustainability conferences I found to be really interesting for 2019. All ordered by location on the globe and date:

Sustainability Conferences 2019

North America


Rest of the world

If you are looking for a longer and more extensive list of events mostly in North America including corporate volunteering why not go and visit our friends from RealizedWorth and their list Sustainability and CSR conference list for 2019:

Sustainable Brands also has an interesting list of events all across the globe if you are looking for events in Turkey, Brasil, Japan, France, South Korea, Thailand, Argentina, Spain, Chile and Uruguay!

More will follow! If you have any sustainability conferences you find interesting in 2019 please comment below.


  1. Eco-I 2019 Conference at Lancaster University, hosted by The Centre for Global Eco-Innovation. Taking place 19-20 September 2019.

    1. Author

      Thanks Savia. Much appreciated! I have added it to the list.

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