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My social media communication triangle to promote Sustainability

Social media communication can be a bit tricky at times. I am still using my social media communication triangle as I did in 2009, just in an updated version. This is the post I did back in 2009 on what I used to build my Sustainability Communication network.

A lot has changed since 2009. I am not in the Sustainability business anymore, blogging is a hobby not a job anymore and I only have one website instead of two which I run. But I am still using three elements that I focus on when I am trying to promote Sustainability and CSR.

My social media communication triangle 2018 My social media communication triangle starts with this website you are viewing at the moment. is the one and only place where I write about Sustainability and CSR. There is no other place where I publish my content. I am not writing guest posts or something similar as I am not interested in personal promotion. I am only interested in promoting Sustainability and CSR where ever I can.

FabianSustForum on Twitter: My second element of this social triangle is Twitter. I have been on Twitter since 2008 and still hugely enjoy it. Twitter is very useful when you are looking to connect to like-minded people that are also interested in Sustainability and CSR. It is also useful to follow organisations that are using Twitter for their Sustainability communication. Facebook page: My third element is my Facebook page. This element is new to my triangle ever since I started to blog in a more continuous manner a few weeks back. I am intending to promote this element of my social media communication triangle more in order to get more in 2018.

Twitter and Facebook are vastly different in their reach

Twitter has more of a professional and company reach as mentioned above. Facebook on the other hand is more personal and the reach is focused more on the individual person interested in Sustainability. Interactions are much more direct then on Twitter. Both elements are complimenting each other in my experience.

Whatever social media communication element you may use, it needs to be a channel you really feel is worth the effort for you. No social media element is useful if you personally are not convinced that this element is what you want to be part of. Then it is best to not use this element.

If you heart is not in it, leave it!

Picture Credit: David Shankbone

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