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My view: Our responsibility for sustainability

If anyone is still in doubt that we have a responsibility for sustainability as a civilisation we should remind ourselves of the current world population. 7.6 billion people as of December 2017 live on Earth. Just take a minute to visit this population counter website below. Mind boggling: World Population on Worldometers. And this is how small our planet actually is when you look at some of the NASA Visible Earth images.

Our unique responsibility for sustainability

We are a unique species but we also have a once in a lifetime responsibility for sustainability in my view. This responsibility is to each and everyone that is part of our civilisation. To fulfil this responsibility we all need to work together as much as possible. Focus on national interests and closing the borders will lead us into problems we all do not want. If we want to really solve our problems we need to work together for a solution.

If you need a reason to do more towards global sustainability, and if you are not really interested in helping your fellow friends, what about your children? I have children myself and each time I look at them and imagine what their future might look like, I get a feeling of uncertainty. Will they have the same possibilities as we did to achieve all they could achieve? If we are not recognising our responsibility for sustainability for the sake of our children, what else will it have to take? In my view it is our most important responsibility to provide our children a planet that is livable for their lifetime and the lifetimes of their own children.

The business responsibility for sustainability

Next to individuals businesses need to square up to their responsibility for sustainability as well. The developments in Sustainability over the past 15 years have been very good. But these developments that help us work towards sustainability need to continue. Every individual but also each business has a responsibility to make the world a better place in my view. I have outlined what I believe business responsibilities are here in one of my cornerstone articles and with regular posts in my CSR and Sustainability category.

So what will you do today?

It is Sunday so I do not want to go on and on about us fulfilling our responsibility for sustainability. I would just like to ask you to consider to do your bit to promote sustainability in any way, shape or form. The diversity of our civilisation and our ability to adapt to new situations for our on survival are two of our biggest strengths. Let us go out and do our bit for our sustainable future. And prove to our children that we can turn our future into a bright future!

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