Promote change wherever and whenever

Today I had any interesting and very emotional argument after a business meeting. The topic was on the upcoming general elections here in our county, North Rhein-Westfalia. The business colleague asked me which party I supported and I said I would support the so called Pirate Party here in Germany. The collegue did not like this answer to say the least. The next five minutes where spend with arguments from his side why they where no real political party and why their party programme was so immature and so on and on.

My main argument for why I would vote for them is that Germany 1) needs to change to be prepared for a more sustainable future and 2) that most people in my age-group and younger are so disillusioned with their future prospects that there needs to be change for all our sakes. There are a lot of other aspects that need to change but these where the ones that are most important in my view at the moment. And if the Pirate Party would be successful in upsetting the established parties this would be a sign that more people want the change as well. 10% of all votes would send a great sign to the establishment that we the voters are not willing to go along with the mismanagement of Germany.

Try to promote change wherever and whenever

Usually I do not like arguments (I find them a waist of time usually) but I needed to go through this argument with my colleague in my view because I strongly believe in the need for change here in Germany. I felt I needed to promote change there and at that particular moment. And you know what? It felt really good. It felt liberating and it felt like the right thing to do.

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