Progress and London – Hamburg – London

It is Sunday again I finally have to the time to sit down and let the week pass by.

Here are the milestones of this week:

  • Monday: Another partnership confirmed involving
  • Tuesday: Had a great meeting with my developer in London. Things are moving forward there as well.
  • Wednesday: Another media partnership and sponsor signup.
  • Thursday & Friday: Travelling to Hamburg and initial meeting with a new client – a very productive meeting indeed.
  • Saturday & Sunday: Relaxing, shopping, washing cars and spending a lot of quality time with Anne.

So, all in all a lot of work. But that is just how I like it.

I also wrote several new posts here and on my other blogs:
On this blog I started a new series of domain name posts. The aim is to provide an overview of the whole concept of domain names and more. Domain Names – Part 1
The second was a post on my favourite Firefox add-ons. I find Firefox really useful so I thought I would share it with my readers.  Firefox Add-Ons

On Kim Leslie, a writer in the Sustainability Writers Network wrote a great post on packeting in the IT sector and how things are changing there for the better. IT Sector and Packeting
Then two days later I was delighted to see Amy Fetzer submitting an article on the sustainable practices of Universities.

So all in all a really great week.

Next week will be just as busy with a lot of work until Thursday when I have to go to Hamburg for another two days again.

So let’s go and relax for another few hours and then bring on the new week

All the best,

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