Poll: What is your favourite Social Media Channel for CSR / Sustainability topics?

I decided to conduct regular polls on interesting CSR / Sustainability topics during 2012. The plan is to do a new poll every 3 weeks going from Sunday to Friday that week.

This is this weeks poll:

Thank you for participating and I will publish an analysis of the results once the poll has closed here on my blog.

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  1. Thank you for the poll, Google+ seems to be coming from nowhere (why is that) and what's the outlook for these platforms in enabling real change through exchanging knowledge between corporates

    1. Hi Ben. Thanks for the comment. I believe that there is space for another social network such as Google+ where you are to share more then 140 characters and which is integrated in the Google world. I am a big fan of Google+ already and I am sure in a years time it will be a very real alternative to Twitter.

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