Latest Jobs posted on the -25.04.2008

I have just compiled a top 5 of the most interesting jobs posted on,the online forum I run if you are interested in finding a job in the Sustainability/Environment field.

Top five jobs:

  1. UK: Sustainability Reporting Manager
  2. UK: Senior Sustainability Consultant
  3. UK: 2 jobs at Ethical Consumer Magazine
  4. US: Environmental Protection Specialist, ENERGY STAR
  5. UK (London) Internship at Social Business VC and Research Company

Please visit for the complete list of current job and internships offers.

Alle the best,


Successful search for a designer and two great blogs

I have finally found a good and not so expensive wordpress designer. She will be designing me a custom wordpress theme. I will use this to build a proper page for the page as well as

This will finally enable me to set up a proper forum partner page. It really is now becoming a necessity to do that as more and more organisations start to approach me to team up. So far we have conference provider, a think tank, a recruitment agency and a consultancy all doing work in the Sustainability sector.
She said it would take her about a week to do the programming. Lets wait and see.

I thought I would also share two great environmental blogs/information websites I stumbled across today:

Very good read these two.

All the best,

Back to the UK and my top 5 sustainability reports of 2007

The week in Germany is drawing to an end and I will fly back to London tomorrow. Hopefully the Heathrow experience will not be as horrible as it usually is. I must say when it comes to flying distances within Europe, I would always prefer to drive or even better, take the train/public transport. My wife can say from experience that I love any kind of public transportation (except the London tube). I have no idea what it is but public transportation if not to cramped can be very relaxing and soothing.
Anyway it’s back to London tomorrow and I finished a blog post over the course of the last two days again.

That one is posted on the and hopefully provides some useful information on what my personal top 5 Sustainability reports from 2007 are. I tried to be as unbiased as possible and explained a little bit of my thinking behind the top 5 in the post.

Take a look if you want: The Top 5 Sustainability Reports of 2007

Any feedback on either of the posts or anything is as always much appreciated and welcomed.

That’s all for now but I will be back!:-)


Rainy April weather and the look out for a WordPress designer

Hello everyone,

I flew from London to Düsseldorf/Germany today and the weather is really horrible. It was just beautiful in London today but not here unfortunately. But I guess that does not really matter as I will be sitting in front of my computer most of the time anyway!

I am also on the lookout for a WordPress designer to get some WordPress themes done. So if you are or know a good WordPress designer with reasonable prices, get in touch.

If not but you wonder what WordPress is then these links might help you:

  • – Download your free wordpress software to set up your own hosted blog
  • – Create your own free of cost wordpress blog. Similar to blogger or blogspot.

WordPress is really a great piece of software if you want to start your own blog, honestly. I am not using anything else.

All the best,

Visited Haddenham, Berkshire yesterday – Beautiful but expensive!

My wife and I went to visit some friends in Haddenham, Berkshire here in the UK yesterday. And we really enjoyed it and the weather was perfect. The beauty of a place like Haddenham is that it has so much to offer for everyone. You have a traditional village (~ 2000 people live there), beautiful countryside, lots of ducks as can see, great train and bus links into London and Oxford and more.
So what stops us moving there? House prices! Unfortunately. It is in the middle of the so called London communter belt and getting on the property ladder there is bloody expensive.
Haddenham on the web: Haddenham

But overall I can really understand why people want to live there.

All the best,