New pictures uploaded and first meeting of members today

I have uploaded two new pictures today. Thy are showing my lovely wife and myself. I just realized yesterday that I did not really have any pictures of myself on my blog. Silly me! 

Here they are:


I am also going to go into London today to do two things.

Look at a MacBook. Yes, I am tempted to switch from a normal laptop to a MacBook. Just take a look. Isn’t it beautiful? MacBook. I will go into the Apple Shop and be really sceptic and see whether I still can not resist buying one. I won’t buy one today but maybe in a few months time. Who knows.
I will be staying in London for the evening because we have our first ever members meeting of people that are living in the London area and are registered on the We will see how many people will turn up. 🙂

That’s all for now but I will keep you posted.

All the best,

Twittering and Feedburner trouble

I have had interesting two days and got a lot of work done.

Here is a quick wrap up.

Yesterday I have started using Twitter just out of curiosity and to my surprise found it really fun and a great way to connect with people in my network and to share news and ideas. So I decided to stick to Twitter and start building my network there, engage with global environmental/Sustainability twitter community and add my bit to the discussion. I found that there are a lot of people I know from somewhere on the internet already which makes it easier to start. I have also integrated my twitter dialog box on the top right hand corner of the blog for everyone to see what I doing at the moment. This is called twittering! I know weird expression. 🙂
This is my direct Twitter URL if you would like to join my Twitter network as a ‘follower’ i.e. read and get updates on what I am doing.

On my business side is it quite likely that I am getting my first job shortly. This might involve some consulting work on Corporate Responsibility. Lets hope it works out I will keep everyone informed.
I have also rewritten a lot of the PB Consulting website so why not take a look. My business concept has finally reached a stage where everything seems to fall in place and makes it easy to communicate what PB Consulting is all about.

Today has been really been a good day until I found out that Feedburner is having problems delivering blog updates to email subscribers over the last two days. I was starting wonder why my subscriber levels dropped by 50% yesterday on and over 70% on
It seems that I am not the only one though and Feedburner is aware of it trying to fix it. Hopefully everyone will be able to receive blog updates starting from tomorrow again. Apologies for the inconvenience everyone.

At last the weekend is near and I am really looking forward to spend the time with my lovely wife Anne after she has been travelling non stop for the last two weeks.

All the best,

Today has been one of my more critical days!

I have written a post on about the current discussion on whether to call Corporate Responsibility now Business Sustainability instead.

A ridicules discussion in my opinion and that is the message really of that post. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Corporate Responsibility or Business Sustainability?

Oh yes and I bought the domain yesterday. Sounds like a great discussion forum name in my opinion. 😉

Take care.


One more domain and a successful start

Just yesterday I acquired another nice domain name. This time I bought at a really good price. I think this domain really has potential. It is very descriptive and a “.com” which is always ideal as it is the most popular domain extension across the globe.
My newest venture CorporateResponsibility.Net seems to be a success as well. After just one week of being live the site has now over 80 regular subscribers and approximately 50-100 unique visitors every day.
Lets hope it stays that way and the site keep the momentum. 🙂

Link of the Day (Something new I will do with every post from now on): – One of the best websites on environmental news I have come across so far.

All the best,

Successful week and back on the road again

The week has nearly come to an end and I am again on my way to Germany. This time to visit my grandparents in law. This will go until Monday. I will then travel to Düsseldorf where I will spend the rest of the week.

So far the week was very successful. These are the highlights in my view:

  • I started the CorporateResponsiblity.Net news portal.
  • I got another forum sponsor for on bord
  • And found at lot of interesting news websites on the topic of Corporate Responsibility

This is the list of the useful Corporate Responsibility News websites I found up to this point.

  3. Edie News
  4. Environmental News Network

But my new CorporateResponsibility.Net is the ultimate corporate responsibility news resource of course! 😉

Have a good weekend everyone.