News review: Unilever’s disbanding CSR department, adding CSR meaning and improving stakeholder engagement

In today’s news review I will be highlighting 5 Sustainability / CSR news stories that I found most useful.

Unilever disbanding CSR department and more

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  1. Big brands like Unilever aren’t the answer to helping Africa’s farmers via The Guardian: This is an interesting article discussing the trend of large corporations linking low-income communities to their global supply chains. So called inclusive business. The author goes on to argue that the business reality of an informal economy to inclusive business needs to be considered more.
  2. 4 Ways Agencies Can Add Meaning to Corporate Social Responsibility Programs via AdWeek: Here the author presents “four ways advertisers and their agencies can refresh and refocus their CSR programs.” A general but still useful article in my view especially if you are an ad agency or any kind of firm working on Sustainability / CSR communication.
  3. A new type of CSR: Why I disbanded Unilever’s CSR department, in a nutshell via LinkedIn: This is my favorite article of the 5 top Sustainability / CSR news the past days. Keith Weed, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer from Unilever writes about the reasons why Unilever disbanded their CSR department. Good insight into the mature CSR / Sustainability strategy and business integration of CSR at Unilever.
  4. How sustainability leaders deal with bullies via GreenBiz: Part Two of an interesting Sustainability / CSR article series from Bob Langert, Former Vice President of Sustainability, McDonald’s on NGO engagement and related experiences while working for McDonald’s.
  5. The Benefits of Integrating, Communicating Your Purpose Are Undeniable – Here’s Why via Sustainable Brands: A more abstract but still very insightful article on the topic how an organisation can generate higher value with their stakeholder engagement activities by creating a singular and more authentic purpose.

These are my top 5 Sustainability / CSR news items so far this week. If there are more interesting news items I find important to write about I will post this kind of a news review again this week.

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