My first impression after Brexit


I am in the UK this week and had the chance to get a first hand impression of the mood about the Brexit vote and its fallout. All impressions are based on observations and conversations.

My first observation is that no one really knows what Brexit means for the country and them personally.  The high level of confusion is just dominating every conversation I have.

The people I talked to all feel left in the dark about the past few weeks of political turmoil but there is a hope that Theresa May is the person to make sure this does not last much longer.

No one I talked to want a general election. This is really surprising to me to be honest as I personally would have felt awkward having a new PM I did not have the chance to elect. But I guess this is just another sign of the confusion about politics at the moment and a cry for stability again.

The single most important topic was immigration. There is a lot of fear around that the UK will be swamped with migrants. Migration is a concern we all have but not to this extend as it exists in the UK at the moment in my view. And I feel the UK public has been led in a wrong direction on this topic. In the direction of fear and destabilization. Which is totally wrong in my view. We all need to work constructively on this issue and fear-mongering has no place when we talk about migration.

I love this country and when we lived here we had the best time of our lives. We always felt welcomed and part of the community. And I hope that foreigners will always be welcomed here like we have been.

But the current uncertainty is not good for anyone so let’s hope the PM will trigger the article 50 very soon so that the UK can move on to develop their own identity after this Brexit disaster.

I hope I can do my bit as a German and EU citizen so that we can all continue to prosper and become more sustainable together. In the end don’t we all want to live in peace and give our children the best possible start in life? No matter where they live.

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