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My current Sustainability Twitter lists

I am a big Twitter fan. But sometimes a Twitter home stream can be quite overwhelming in terms of content. This is a big negative aspect of Twitter in my experience. Since Twitter introduced the Twitters lists feature I have been managing several lists to try to avoid this exact problem of information overflow. Managing these Twitter lists is quite time-consuming but I found the result really rewarding. Rewarding because the list streams as a result are focused and relevant when I look for sustainability and related topics on Twitter.

My current Twitter lists

  • This is the overview of the Twitter lists I am managing at the moment.
  • My Sustainability Friends Twitter list with over 700 members – In this list I am following individuals that tweet about Sustainability / CSR. The other criteria is whether I like the tweets or not. If I would include all Sustainability individuals that tweet on Sustainability the list would be unmanageable and not focused enough anymore. For me posting updates on Twitter does not mean quantity but quality.
  • The Sustainability Organisations and Websites Twitter list with over 800 members – This list features organisations and websites that post sustainability related content. Here quality is the most important criteria for inclusion.
  • The Various Tweeps list with over 500 members – The purpose of this Twitter list is to listen to a wide variety of interesting people tweeting about Sustainability and non Sustainability topics.

If you have any sustainability related lists you would like to recommend please fell free to mention them here. I am happy to follow them if they fit my profile.

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