Make a difference today

A simple but important message: Make a difference today

Today’s post is a reminder that what we are doing to our environment is catastrophic. We are and have for the past years, been at a turning point in our civilizations history. If we do not stop and change what we are doing to our environment we will not have a future for our children we can be proud of. But we can make a difference. And it can start today.

With our current over-consumption culture in the developed world everyone wants everything at no costs as a natural right. And at the same time ignorance for our current environmental situation is ever growing as we are so busy consuming as much as we can. There will be a point when money will be of no use. Once we are in such a dire environmental situation and there is no way out, we wish we had done something about it. This is what I came across via banksy 9 days ago via Twitter on this exact topic.


Each and every one of us can make a difference

So let us all start to think of what we,each and every individual, can do to safe our environment and make our life more sustainable. There are countless options for you.

Minimalism, environmental activism, volunteering at your local nature reserve, start a blog about sustainability like me or many many other options.

We just need to get up and do something, anything. Have a good weekend everyone!

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“130424 Image of Positive Mindset Affirmations on Making a Difference” by Omar Reyes

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  1. Change is literally created one person at a time, and it’s up to those of us who are aware, to educate those who are not, and each person can make changes that make a difference for the future. Change is a conscious choice, and this website has numerous articles on sustainable living in all areas of life. Giving back to the community and creating communities who work together is the reality of the future. We’re on it!

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