LinkedIn as a publishing platform? I am not so sure

I am a blogger by passion and conviction. Writing is a task I am enjoying immensely. Whether I am good at it is something others have to decide. For me it is about making a contribution to the overall cause of Sustainability/ CSR all across the globe. Writing online means I need to run a website to publish it. I use a WordPress run blog and have been ever since I started in 2008. Today I would like to mention a trend that I am seeing. Using the LinkedIn as a publishing platform.

LinkedIn as a publishing platform

There seems to be a trend going on to post articles to LinkedIn next to your own website or even without a website these days.

I think this is dangerous because you (1) are giving your content away for free to LinkedIn and you (2) are creating copies of your original content if you decided to post the same content on your website and LinkedIn. This second point is particularly dangerous from a original content point of view. The Google search engine will demote your content as it indexes the same content twice and categorizes this as a duplicate content. You basically degrade your content for no reason.

It is everyone’s own choice of course but this is not a choice as a publishing platform I would make. And it is largely the reason why I will always publish the content I write only here in my own website.

So if you are thinking about writing or blogging I would recommend to invest the time and s bit of money to start your own website including domain name. I am sure you will not regret it it.

Picture credit: Sheila Scarborough

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