Keep it simple and direct when promoting CSR / Sustainability

When successfully communicating and promoting a certain product or cause, I learnt over the years that you need to keep it simple. Not overly simple but simple enough to let your audience know what you want to tell at a moments notice and with a tone they understand. This simplicity but also directness is not something you can learn quickly but only by continuous, honest and substantiated stakeholder engagement. This is the link to a stakeholder engagement series I wrote several months ago: A structured stakeholder engagement approach.

I believe that this kind of simplicity & directness is essential when we look at promoting CSR / Sustainability. Anything else will not work. It might work in the short term but long term engagement needs to include a different tactic.

Companies and related to CSR / Sustainability communications work I like at the moment:

What other good communication & promotion examples have you come across lately?

Picture Credit: Wesley Fryer

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