Inspiration Monday: Do what you love (no excuses!)

I am doing what I love to do at the moment writing this blog post and engaging with you the reader from across the globe on the topic of Sustainability and CSR. I chose to do this because believe that everyone if they can afford it and have the opportunities to do so, needs to do what they love. Otherwise you will not be as happy and good as you can be.

Is does not matter in what field you are in or want to work in. The opportunities are out there just waiting to be taken. It happens to be that I am working in this line of work. You might be passionate about something else. But you only know what that is.

This is a video by entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk at a TED talk back in 2008. His message is clear as can be: There is now no excuse not to do what makes you happy. The Internet has made the formula for success simpler than ever. So get out and do it… excuses!

So what are you waiting for?

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