I have been a Twitter member since 2008 now and still are a big fan of it when it comes to connecting with other like-minded people from across the globe with regards to Sustainability / CSR news and best practice.Twitter list title image Ever since Twitter added the List feature back in 2009 I constantly update my lists. I first started out with 1 list and now have 3 rather extensive Sustainability Twitter lists.

How I use the Sustainability Twitter lists

I use my Twitter lists as a way to categorize the people I want to listen to. I do not want to drown in information I am not always interested in. This means that I am not following everyone that follows me but that I add the people that follow me to the 3 different lists. That way I have a better overview of what information a certain individual or organisation is providing updates on. This is what this looks like using Tweetdeck.

Twitter list Tweetdeck image

These are my 3 current Twitter Sustainability lists:

  1. Sustainability Friends: All people that are interested in Sustainability / CSR and I have come across are listed here. Currently 567 members.
  2. Sustainability Orgs/Sites: The third list is a collection of organisations and websites related to Sustainability and CSR. Currently this list has 778 members.
  3. Various Tweeps: The last list is listing a wide variety of interesting people tweeting about Sustainability and non Sustainability topics. Currently mentioning 511 members.

These are the lists I run on Twitter to stay informed but at the same use to not get drowned in the information overkill we are all facing these days!

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