Hamburg For A Day And A Wedding After That

I am off to fly to Hamburg/Germany today. I have an important meeting there tomorrow morning. Please keep your fingers crossed for a positive outcome. This meeting is a significant influencing factor for my short and mid term business future. I will report back on Tuesday of next week on the outcome. So stay tuned.
After that meeting I am heading to Flensburg after I have met up with Anne to attend a friends wedding on Friday. This is our second wedding this month and there is one more to go after this one. I will post some pictures next week.
On the business front this week has been very successful and productive so far. So no complains there. I had a lot of interesting conversations with all sorts of people across the globe and I was able to spend some time on expanding my online networks on Xing and LinkedIn. But to be perfectly honest, I am looking forward to the time when everyone is back from their holidays. There is not much going on here in London.
I also published another blog post on today on Sustainability and CSR communications is you are interested.

So keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow everyone.

All the best,

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