The Guardian Sustainable Business: How are they doing?

My days are very busy at the moment, that is why today will only be a rather short post. This situation will change over the next weeks I hope. 🙂 But this is important post in my opinion.

It does not happen very often that we as stakeholders/viewers can influence the way a news and opinion provider such as The Guardian is determining which content mix is right for us.

Guardian Sustainable Business has been online for over a month now and is looking for your feedback on how they can make their website and the content choice better and more targeted towards your needs. Please visit : Guardian feedback to provide your feedback.

I am a keen reader of the new Sustainable Business articles and will leave my feedback tonight. I also think that Jo Confino and his team are doing a great job and provide a brilliant service to the overall CSR / Sustainability community with this new sustainable business section.

What about you? Have you looked at some of the posts already? If yes what do you think of the topics and selection of authors? If you have not had a chance to look at the topics here is the link again: Guardian Sustainable Business

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  1. I attended the Guardian Sustainable Business Quarterly event on Tuesday. It was chaired by Jo Cofino, such a well spoken man, and included amazing names within the world of Sustainability. The evening began with a debate style discussion concerning how companies choose to respond to the multitude of sustainability issues out there and how they prioritise certain issues over others. The groups were then split into groups of ten to discuss more direct issues. I joined the discussion about Green Communications. It was an amazing insight into real business challenges, real discussions and goals, and as a result I am a great fan of the Guardian Sustainable Business initiative.

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