Good first meeting and a some new blog posts

The first meeting with members of the was very nice and productive Thursday.
The only thing was the venue. It was a little bit too noisy. So next time I will find a venue that is less crowded and where we have a better possibility to actually hear what the other person is saying and not have to shout in response. 🙂
I have also written several new blog posts.
The first is on stakeholder engagement and energy companies. That is a hot topic at the moment.
Here is the post:
Stakeholder Engagement and Energy companies

And the other one is on my top 5 environmental blogs on the web at the moment. These are my personal favourites and I usually visit these blogs regularly over the course of the week.
My top 5 environmental blogs

So have a good weekend everyone. Here in the UK we have a long weekend. Yippie!

Until then,

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