Film tip: Electronic Waste Hell – Welcome to Sodom

If you are thinking about the electronic waste problem we have on our planet you will need to have seen this documentary. It is called Welcome to Sodom and when you watch the trailer you will think that these images are straight out of Hell!

Sodom is the largest electronic waste dump in the world. It is an area in Accra, Ghana where over 6000 (!) people live and work day in and day out on the massive dump of electronic waste that has been illegally shipped there from Europe.  Each year 250,000 tonnes of electronic waste is being dumped in this single place. If this does not describe how part of Hell would like like I do not what would.

This is the trailer:

Where to watch as of March 2019

But there is a dilemma we are facing at the moment. As of the beginning of 2019 there are only a few places across Germany where you will be able to see this movie. But I wrote to the German distributor this week. They told me that they are planning to have the documentary out on DVD/Blue-ray by the last quarter of 2019.

Once I have more information when this documentary can be seen more widely I will write it here. If you, in the meantime have more on this documentary please let me know by either commenting below or by getting in touch with me via my contact form.

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