I had a credit of 10 USD from Facebook promotions a few days ago when I came across some worrying Greenpeace whaling news. That made me decide to promote a post from Guardian about Japanese whaling practices and the issues Greenpeace has to locate the Japanese whalers at the moment. This is the post:

A lot of opinions clashed and what I was reminded again looking through the comments is how many different opinions there are on a such a simple message.

The message in my view was: Greenpeace has noticed that the Japanese whaling ships now use military grade equipment to avoid being tracked by Greenpeace. This is a very worrying development.

Two kind of reactions about the Greenpeace whaling news

It seems that there are two camps when you look at the reactions to the post:

  1. The angry and / or sad reaction to this news. Which is the normal reaction in my view when you look at the facts. That was reaction for sure.
  2. The complain and trolling reaction. This reaction is a perfect example of the current view on environmental topics from the critics. Instead of aiming at the topic itself, the reactions where more aimed towards Greenpeace in general in a negative way. I call these people the internet trolls.

Stick to the topic and make a difference

In my view these reactions show that when we talk and discuss sustainability / environmental topics it is crucial to purely stick to the topic and not get sidetracked by general opinions and views. Getting sidetracked is counterproductive and is not helping anyone. Only the trolls win when we do that.

In order to change something we feel is wrong, negatively and people that sow discord are not welcome. We need to respect their point of view but we should not let them influence our way forward. Each and everyone of us can make a difference and that is what we need to keep in mind, always.

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